(Ukraine) Водні системи 2015

Water-based -system

 a) Water-based -system are an aqueous dispersion of acrylic or other polymer with added of functional additives and used as a basis for the preparation of water systems.

b) Polymer dispersion – designed for use as adhesives for wood, paper, cardboard, leather and others, materials; as adhesives in the printing industry to work broshuruvan binding in household cleaning, in leather production; as adhesives or adhesive compositions foundation in the manufacture of packages and binders in the production of emulsion paints and other water systems; as a protective coating for natural cheese, delicate meat products, damp-dried and smoked sausages in the food industry.

c) Finished water paint – water systems containing pigment and are designed to print on paper, vinyl products to provide special effect “gold”, “silver”, “pearl” in the production of wallpaper, linoleum, artificial leather, banners and other roll Polyvinyl-materials for technical purposes. Aqueous polymer dispersions with special effects can be used to screen and gravure printing flexo- and depending on the design and manufacturing consumer equipment. High light – and water resistance of polymeric water dispersions of special effects “gold”, “silver”, “pearl”, provides high performance finished product.