(Ukraine) Пігментні пасти 2015

 Pigment pastes — are pasty color concentrates, with the addition of functional additives for coloring PVC — plastisols and plastic. Pigment paste stand out of high purity and brightness of tone, high coloring ability.  Is bing produced a wide range of colors.  Pigment paastes are used for coloring in the mass plastisols, plastics, synthetic films, artifical leather, vinil building materials. Usage of pigment paste makes a substantial influence on improving the optical and technical, economic and ergonomic characteristics of polymeric materials. Pigment pastes improve dispersion of pigments in the plastisol. In addition to color, give for plastisol and other pigmented materials opacity and protect polymers against photodegradation. Pigment pastes  on quality indicators meet the technical requirements  ТУ У 24.1-24681750-008:2007.

а) for PVC plastisols and plasticates pigment pastes are as pastelike dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments in plasticizer with adding of stabilizers and other functional additives, practically insoluble in water, organic solvents, intended for coloring of PVC – technical and food compositions. Pigment paste have a high purity and brightness of tone, high coloring ability.

b) for water systems pigment pastes are as homogenous dispersion of pigment in the water-soluble dispersant with the addition of stabilizers and other functional additives designed for tinting aqueous dispersion systems.